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Composer & Music Producer


Composer & Music Producer.


Ivan Iusco is an Italian award-winning film music composer based in Los Angeles. He writes original scores for movies, TV shows, documentaries and videoart.

He debuted in the film industry in 1999, having composed the music for the Apulian cult movie "LaCapaGira" directed by Alessandro Piva, and went on to win Best Soundtrack at the Valencia Film Festival (2000).

In 2003 he composed the music for "Mio Cognato", a movie by the same director, for which he received the Nastro D'Argento Nomination for Best Soundtrack (2000).

Ivan Iusco has partnered often with the well-known Italian director and actor, Sergio Rubini, composing the main theme for the movie "L'Anima Gemella" (2002), the soundtrack of "L'Amore Ritorna" (2004) and the additional score for "Colpo D'Occhio" (2008) which complemented the music of Pino Donaggio.

His scoring career also includes "Ho Voglia Di Te" (2007) by the Spanish director Luis Prieto; "Feisibum!" (2009) by Dino Giarrusso; "6 Sull'Autobus" (2012) a project by Sergio Rubini produced by the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D'Amico (selected at 69th Venice Film Festival); and "Da Che Parte Stai" (2017) by Francesco Lopez.

He founded the pioneering music label, Minus Habens, in 1987 (involving artists such as Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Depeche Mode), through which he continues to explore and publish avant-garde and cutting edge music.

The track "Mobili In Mobilis", taken from his album "Transients" (2015) has been nominated for the Best Instrumental Song at the 2016 American Songwriting Awards.

Ivan Iusco's current projects include the much-anticipated joint project titled "Between" with Canadian artist Cassandra Cronenberg.



Selected film soundtracks


- Da Che Parte Stai by Francesco Lopez - OZ Film 2017

- 6 Sull'Autobus by VVAA - National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D'Amico 2012

- Feisbum! (Maledetto Tag episode) by Dino Giarrusso - Just Us/Stemo/Global Media 2009

- Colpo D'Occhio by Sergio Rubini (additional music) - Cattleya/RAI Cinema 2008

- Ho Voglia Di Te by Luis Prieto - Cattleya/Warner Bros Pictures 2007

- Checosamanca by Alice Rohrwacher and VVAA - Eskimosa/Feltrinelli/RAI Cinema 2006

- L'Amore Ritorna by Sergio Rubini - Bianca Film/Warner Bros Pictures 2004

- Mio Cognato by Alessandro Piva - Seminal Film/Dada Film/RAI Cinema 2002

- L'Anima Gemella by Sergio Rubini ("L'Anima Gemella" theme) Cecchi Gori Group/Medusa Film 2002

- Giorni by Laura Muscardin - Movie Factory/Tele+ 2001

- LaCapaGira by Alessandro Piva - Kubla Khan/Mumbut 1999



Awards & Nominations


- Best Instrumental Track Nomination “American Songwriting Awards” - “Mobilis In Mobili” - Taken from the album “Transients” 2016

- Best Composer award “Ombre Sonore Del Mediterraneo” - Teca Del Mediterraneo / Consiglio Regionale Della Puglia 2009

- Best Soundtrack Nomination “Diamanti Al Cinema” - Mostra del Cinema di Venezia - Soundtrack of the movie "Ho Voglia Di Te 2007

- Best Composer Special Award - Festival Di Ragusa 2004

- Best Soundtrack Nomination “Nastri D'Argento” (Silver Ribbon) - Soundtrack of the movie “Mio Cognato” 2003

- Best Soundtrack Award - Valencia Film Festival (Spain) - Soundtrack of the movie “LaCapaGira” 2000