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Composer & Music Producer


Ivan Iusco definitely became an expert when it comes to compose cinematographic music. The work is dark and quite heavy and features numerous layers.

Side Line Magazine 


"Ivan Iusco is an artistic anomaly in the Italian movie soundtracks panorama. He is a composer we treasure for his personal curiosity and versatility in creating music for films that are very different from each other. His work represents an idea of music that makes a difference because it is inspired by freedom and also by the constant search for innovation."

Marco Spagnoli - director, journalist


"Ivan Iusco continues to astonish us with his creative path growing in different and bizarre contaminations."

Marco Giorcelli, Sodapop magazine


"A composer able to unfold the sounds of our cinema."

La Repubblica


"I had the feeling that either the landscape around us was changing or that the music was making me see it like never before."

Sergio Rubini, director and actor


"The way of looking at music without barriers."

Luca De Gennaro, MTV Italy


"Ivan Iusco has written the perceptual map of a new generation "X" with his original dark wave textures and ultra-contemporary orchestrations."

Silvio Maselli, President of Apulia Film Commission