Pron.: “EE-vahn YOOS-koh”


Ivan Iusco is an Italian American award-winning composer based in Los Angeles. He debuted in the film industry in 1999, having composed the music for the Apulian cult movie “LaCapaGira” (Official Selection - Berlin International Film Festival 1999) directed by Alessandro Piva, and went on to win Best Original Score at the 2000 Valencia Film Festival (Spain).

In 2003 he composed the music for “Mio Cognato”, a film by the same director, for which he received the 2004 Nastro d’Argento nomination for the Best Original Score.

Iusco has partnered often with the well-knownx Italian director, Sergio Rubini, composing the main theme for the movie “L’Anima Gemella” (2002), the entire score of “L’Amore Ritorna” (2004) and the additional score for "Colpo D’Occhio" (2008) which complemented the music of Pino Donaggio.

His scoring career also includes: the blockbuster “Ho Voglia Di Te” (2007) by the Spanish director Luis Prieto (“Kidnap”), “Fesibum/Maledetto Tag episode” (2009) by Dino Giarrusso, “6 Sull’Autobus” (2012) a project by Sergio Rubini produced by the Accademia Nazionale D’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico (Official Selection - 69th Venice Film Festival), “Da Che Parte Stai” (2017) by Francesco Lopez, “Nicola: Cozze, Kebab & Coca Cola” (2020) by Antonio Palumbo and “Tomato Soup In Skid Row” by Aleno Wandael (2021).

The track “Mobili In Mobilis”, taken from his album “Transients” (2015) has been nominated for the Best Instrumental Song at the 2016 American Songwriting Awards.

His compositions have also been commissioned internationally for contemporary art installations, exhibitions and choreographies in collaboration with prominent artists including American painter and photographer Sarah Pezdek, Italian painter and sculptor Iginio Iurilli, Ukrainian martial movement performing artist Wu Woman and Canadian painter Cassandra Cronenberg.

His latest projects include: the original score for the psychological thriller “State of Consciousness” starring Emile Hirsch (“Into The Wild”) by American director Marcus Stokes ("American Horror Story", “Criminal Minds”, “The Flash”, “Arrow”), two original songs for “Cyberpunk 2077”, the worldwide acclaimed video game starring Keanu Reeves, the original score for the short film “A Woman Makes A Plan”, by Alexo Wandael starring Maye Musk, and the score for the documentary “376 Days, Nick Cave: Keep it Movin” by Claude-Aline Miller, screened at the Guggenheim Museum and at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

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